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Screening of THE UPRISING OF HANGBERG Tonight at the Labia Theatre, Cape Town

The Uprising of Hangberg - Labia Screening

Join us – Tues 26 Oct – 6:15pm – R30 – Directors in attendance – Portion of proceeds to community in Hangberg – 021 424 5927.

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Civilization and Other Chimeras Observed During The Making Of An Exceptionally Artistic Feature Film is Bad Lit’s Film of the Year

I’m delighted to bring you the news that my film, Civilization and Other Chimeras Observed During The Making Of An Exceptionally Artistic Feature Film, has been named “film of the year” by Bad Lit, the journal of underground film:

Also, I wrote on the site recently that I didn’t know what types of films could truly be called “innovative” these days. “Innovative” doesn’t automatically conjure up a stamp of quality, of course. Plus, this past year I’ve seen tons of films that have been uniquely creative and have pushed boundaries. Many of the films that ended up as runners-up to this year’s “Movie of the Year” have totally shown me something new or unexpected or extraordinary or exceptionally ambitious.

But the most “innovative” filmmaker I can think of this year is South Africa’s Aryan Kaganof, whose Civilization and Other Chimeras Observed During the Making of an Exceptionally Artistic Feature Film is Bad Lit’s 2009 Movie of the Year.

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Who Was Sinclair Beiles?

Who Was Sinclair Beiles?

eventually one has to love gary cummiskey. he does not give up. he’s the kind of irascible soul that always draws trouble. something about his pugnacious nature attracts difficulties. if it can go wrong at a printer it will. twice. gary’s often stuck in traffic. the waiter dusts more flies into his soup. but unlike most people you’ve ever met who share this streak of disaster-attraction – cummiskey hasn’t got it in him to throw in the towel. you would have thought after years of publishing small press editions to little or no acclaim from the precarious south african literature “establishment” that gary would see the light and stop bothering. thank the gods he’s not that sort of bloke. gary persists. his persistency is the stuff of local literary legend. green dragon 6 is the best edition of his literary journal to date. and this volume about the late yeoville beat poet sinclair beiles is worth its weight in genetically modified stem cells. it keeps beiles alive. a collection of essays by the likes of alan finlay, fred devries, co-editor eva kowalska and gary himself, the book sheds shards of splintered, diffused and hazy light on the figure of beiles whose reputation is based largely on memories of his surly frame sitting truculently outside coffee society in rockey street, chain smoking irritably – has anyone ever read any of his poems?

in yeoville in 1994 to film “nice to meet you, please don’t rape me” i was introduced to beiles by my co-screenwriter peter j. morris, himself an equally taciturn, sour-bellied type. the two of them found things to grumble about. it was impossible for me to talk to beiles. he just seemed too far gone in a vinegary disposition exacerbated by the brutal disappointment of never having ‘made it’ (whatever that means to a poet). but this volume opens the man up. dawie malan’s exquisite essay “the trouble with sinclair beiles” resuscitates the poet, gives him a fragile, vulnerable soul – and reveals librarian dawie to be one of our most sensitive writers.

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Welcome to the Pine Slopes Publications Blog

KagatrooperHi there. Welcome to the Pine Slopes Publications blog that BOOK SA has so kindly hosted.

Keep coming back to this address for news about books we are going to publish or have already published. This way YOU get to read ‘em before THEY get to burn ‘em!

See our About page for a link to the Pine Slopes catalogue. Meanwhile, here’s info on a book of poems, die plesier parade by the inimitable Maritz van den Berg; and a review of Lesego Rampolokeng’s blackheart on Kush Khoza’s kulcha portal:


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