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Archive for the ‘Awards’ Category

An Out of Body Experience

my short story, “An Out of Body Experience”, received a “Highly Commended” in the 2010 Balls Quandary Award

Carbona, airplane glue and heroin are the Holy Trinity of the drug addict. A goofball is seconal, nebutol and tuonals. These are not trippy drugs. You’re really in your body. You have no inhibitions. Six tuonals and you’re dead. Seconal is lighter. Fortral – do it for three days and you’re an addict. I was stoned like on heroin but also paranoid. I took five times the recommended dosage. About midnight I did a shot of vodka. Then I thought I was gonna die. Everything started spinnning round.

Now it’s 4am and we’re in the Seymour Likely watching our beers collide with our mouths. Charlie Manson rolls a massive hash joint. He needs it to help take the edge off the crank. It’s very sharp crystal meth that we scored in bulk from Franky The Chancer. We were supposed to offload the package but Charlie Manson decided to test a little bit of the goods and before we knew it we had been awake for three days.

“I’m drunk.”

It’s not as if I’m telling Charlie anything he doesn’t already know. But sometimes you have to test your mouth and tongue; just tweak them with some muscular activity, if you leave it too long there is a good chance of never speaking again. Not sensibly. Crank does that to you.

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Civilization and Other Chimeras Observed During The Making Of An Exceptionally Artistic Feature Film is Bad Lit’s Film of the Year

I’m delighted to bring you the news that my film, Civilization and Other Chimeras Observed During The Making Of An Exceptionally Artistic Feature Film, has been named “film of the year” by Bad Lit, the journal of underground film:

Also, I wrote on the site recently that I didn’t know what types of films could truly be called “innovative” these days. “Innovative” doesn’t automatically conjure up a stamp of quality, of course. Plus, this past year I’ve seen tons of films that have been uniquely creative and have pushed boundaries. Many of the films that ended up as runners-up to this year’s “Movie of the Year” have totally shown me something new or unexpected or extraordinary or exceptionally ambitious.

But the most “innovative” filmmaker I can think of this year is South Africa’s Aryan Kaganof, whose Civilization and Other Chimeras Observed During the Making of an Exceptionally Artistic Feature Film is Bad Lit’s 2009 Movie of the Year.

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